Inland Fishing

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A summary of the Statewide Species Open Seasons, Legal Methods and Length & Daily Creel Limits is listed in the table on Inland District Statewide Species Regulations. The regulations on many water bodies differ from the statewide regulations.

Use this two-step process to determine regulations on a specific waterbody:

  1. Check the table onInland District Statewide Species Regulations for the general statewide regulations.
  2. Refer to the specific waterbody in the alphabetical listings of Lakes & Ponds or Rivers & Streams for special site-specific regulations. If no site-specific regulations are listed for a waterbody, statewide regulations apply for seasons, methods, and/or limits.

Unless otherwise indicated in the Lakes & Ponds and Rivers & Streams listings:

  • Lakes and ponds are open year-round.
  • Rivers & streams are open from 6:00 a.m. on the 2nd Saturday in April through the last day of February (Closed to all fishing from March 1st to 6:00 a.m. on the 2nd Saturday in April).

The statewide open seasons listed in this table do not apply in areas closed to all fishing during a period of the year (If a waterbody has a closed season, all fishing there is prohibited, regardless of the statewide season for a particular fish species).

Lower River/Tidal Waters

Designated rivers & streams with no closed season. These include the entire Connecticut and Thames Rivers, and downstream portions of the Coginchaug, Farmington, Housatonic, Mattabesset, Mystic, Naugatuck, Niantic, Quinnipiac, Salmon and Yantic rivers. Check individual waterbody listing for boundaries.

For more information on Legal Methods & Gear, Length Limits, Creel & Possession Limits and Species, refer to the definitions on Inland District Statewide Species Regulations.

Note: Regulations for several marine species found in the Inland District are subject to change.