A Guide to Catchable Freshwater Fish

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Not sure about your catch? Subtle differences between fish include the shape of the body-long vs. round, whiskers, shape of the mouth, and if there is a small fleshy lobe-like fin on the back near the tail. Determine which of these traits match your fish, then look to the photos and specific details to make a positive identification. If you would like a professional opinion, email a clear photo of the entire fish to deep.inland.fisheries@ct.gov.

The number indicated near each fish represents the length of the individual fish shown in the photo. It is not a minimum size regulation or average fish length.



This guide intended to provide some general descriptive information and a photo typical of each species featured. These represent fish that are most often caught in freshwaters of CT. The approximate size of the pictured fish is listed. For more detailed information please refer to the “A Pictorial Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut” by Robert P. Jacobs and Eileen B. O’Donnell. Available at the DEEP store www.ct.gov/DEEP/Store.

For questions about fish or fishing in Connecticut, please contact the Inland Fisheries Division at 860-424-Fish or email: deep.inland.fisheries@ct.gov or visit our web page at www.ct.gov/deep/fishing.

All photographs by Robert P. Jacobs, CT DEEP IFD