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General Info

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Licenses & Permits

Licenses and Permits to hunt and trap in Connecticut are available online, at most town clerks, and at some sporting good stores and DEEP offices. Licenses are valid for a calendar year. To buy licenses online, or for a listing of places that sell licenses, go to:




Firearms Hunting



Firearms Hunting
& Inland Fishing



Firearms Hunting
& All Waters Fishing



Firearms Hunting
& Marine Waters Fishing



Firearms Supersport*
(see below for included items)


Junior Firearms Hunting (Ages 12 to 15)



Age 65+ Annual
Hunting License


Archery Deer/Small Game



Archery Deer/Small Game and All Waters Fishing


Archery Supersport** (see below for included items)


Junior Archery Deer/Small Game (Ages 12 to 15)






Junior Trapping
(Ages 15 and under)


Age 65+ Annual
Trapping License


* Firearms Supersport License: Includes Firearms Hunting, Private Land Deer Shotgun/Rifle, Private Land Deer Muzzleloader, Private Land Spring Turkey, and All Waters Fishing.

** Archery Supersport License: Includes Archery Deer/Small Game, Private Land Spring Turkey, and All Waters Fishing. With the Private Land Spring Turkey Permit, you can also use a shotgun if you have a firearms hunting license.

 Conservation ID#s: everyone issued a license has been issued a unique Conservation ID# that should be used every time and every year when purchasing licenses and permits. If you log on to the Online Sportsmen Licensing system, or go to a vendor for your licenses, always use your Conservation ID# as a means of identification. You should write your Conservation ID# down and keep it in a safe place. Your Conservation ID# replaces your license number.

Hunter Education Requirements: no hunting or trapping licenses will be issued to any person unless proof is provided that they have held a RESIDENT license in the respective sport within the last 5 years OR the person has a certificate indicating successful completion of a Connecticut Conservation Education/Firearms (CE/FS) course (or recognized equivalent) in the respective sport for which they are applying. “Apprentice” or “Mentored” hunting licenses issued in other states do not qualify. Courses are available during most months. To become certified in firearms or bowhunting, a person must be 10 years or older. All bowhunters must show proof when purchasing a small game/deer archery permit that they have completed the CE/FS bowhunting course (since 1982) or its equivalent from another state or country. Certifications from another state or country must specify Bowhunter Education. If you have previously purchased a 2002, or later, Connecticut bowhunting license you have already provided such proof. Obtain course listings by contacting the CE/FS program at 860-675-8130 (Western CT) and 860-642-7239 (Eastern CT) or by visiting the DEEP website at

Age 65+ Annual Licenses: Firearms hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses are still issued free to residents who meet hunter education requirements. But, these licenses must now be renewed annually.

Hunting by Minors: a person must be 12 years of age or older to hunt. Persons 12 through 15 years of age must be licensed and accompanied by a licensed hunter 18 years of age or older while hunting. A person may not supervise more than 2 minors at one time while hunting. Minors are entitled to their own bag limits. Junior license holders do not have to purchase a new license if they turn 16 years of age during the same calendar year.

Trapping by Minors: There is no minimum age requirement for trapping, but persons under age 16 must purchase a Junior Trapping License.

Handicapped License: a person who has permanently lost the use of a limb may be issued a hunting or trapping license free of charge (permits, tags not included). These licenses are available at town clerk offices. Non-residents are eligible for this free license if their state provides the same privilege to Connecticut residents. Verification of the disability, signed by a licensed physician, must be presented. See Hunting Opportunities for Persons With Disabilities for more information.

Armed Forces: any active full-time member of the U.S. armed forces may purchase a Connecticut hunting, fishing or trapping license for the same fees as a resident. Proof of full-time membership during the calendar year must be carried while using the license.

Lost License: at any time, you can log on to the Online Sportsmen Licensing system and reprint your license. You can also go to a licensing vendor or DEEP office to have your license reprinted.

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