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Marine/Inland Demarcation

Demarcation Between Marine and Inland District

A marine sport fishing license is required downstream of locations listed below or in areas designated as being entirely in the Marine District.

Unless indicated below, the demarcation line is the first bridge upstream from the river mouth or cove.

  • Alewife Cove: New London-Waterford. Entirely in Marine District.
  • Beebe Cove: Groton.  Entirely in Marine District.
  • Blackhall River: Old Lyme. Rte. 156.
  • Branford River: Branford.  Montowese Street.
  • Bride Brook: East Lyme. First railroad crossing.
  • Byram River: Greenwich.  First railroad crossing.
  • Clinton River: (Indian River) Clinton. Rte. 1.
  • Connecticut River: I-95 bridge. Old Lyme-Old Saybrook.
  • Duck River: Old Lyme. Entirely in Marine District.
  • East Creek: Guilford. The tide gates at Guilford dock.
  • Housatonic River: Milford-Stratford. Merritt Parkway.
  • Indian Harbor: Greenwich. First railroad crossing.
  • Indian River: Milford. Rte. 122.
  • Jordan Cove: Waterford. First railroad crossing.
  • Lieutenant River: Old Lyme. Rte. 156.
  • Menunketesuck River: Westbrook. Rte. 1.
  • Mianus River: Greenwich. Dam north of Boston Post Road.
  • Mill River: Fairfield. Dam at Harbor Road.
  • Mill River: New Haven. Tide gates at State Street.
  • Mumford Cove: Groton. Entirely in Marine District.
  • Mystic River: Stonington-Groton. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • Niantic River: East Lyme-Waterford. Golden Spur Bridge, Rte. 1.
  • Norwalk River: Norwalk. Wall Street.
  • Oyster River: Milford. Rte. 122.
  • Palmer’s Cove: Groton. Entirely in Marine District.
  • Patchogue River: Westbrook. Rte. 1.
  • Pawcatuck River: Stonington. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • Pequonnock River: Bridgeport. North Avenue (Rte. 1).
  • Poquonnock River: Groton. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • Pequot-Sepos Cove: Stonington. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • Quiambaug Cove: Stonington. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • Quinnipiac River: New Haven.Rte. 17.
  • Sasco Brook: Westport. Buckley’s Mill Dam, above Rte. 1.
  • Saugatuck River: Westport. Kings Highway.
  • Shaws Cove: New London. Entirely in Marine District.
  • Stonington Harbor, Lambert Cove and Quanaduck Cove: Stonington. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • Thames River: Groton-New London. 500 ft. North of Rte. 1, I-95 bridge.
  • Tokeneke Brook: Darien. Old Farm Road.
  • Wequetequock River: Stonington. 500 ft. north of Rte. 1.
  • West River: Guilford. Rte. 146.
  • West River: West Haven. Tide gates at Orange Ave. (Rte. 1).

For a complete listing, consult section 26-108-1 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, and section 26-109 of the Connecticut General Statutes. These can be found at






Striped Bass


  • Large rivers in Spring and Fall
  • Estuaries and bays in Summer
  • Drifting with
    live bait
  • Jigging and trolling
  • Bottom fishing with bait
  • Casting to fish
  • Live bait, menhaden, eels, shad and
    sand worms
  • All types of swimming lures, plastic and rubber bait

Black Sea Bass


  • Estuaries and Sound
  • Rock piles/reefs
  • Oyster and mussel beds
  • Pilings and jetties
  • Anchored over structure, reefs
  • Bottom fishing
  • Fishing with bait
  • Sand worms, conch, shrimp, mummichogs, silversides, mussels
    and clams



  • Estuaries and bays
  • Lower sections of rivers
  • Hard bottom and channels preferred
  • Drifting with bait
  • Jigging up and down
  • Casting and slowly moving jig with bait
  • Live/dead bait (bunker, mummichogs, shiners & silversides), cut squid strips, baited jigs and plastic baits



  • Estuaries and bays
  • Rock piles/reefs
  • Oyster and mussel beds
  • Pilings and jetties
  • Anchored over
  • Structure/reefs
  • Bottom fishing
  • Live or dead bait
  • Squid or conch strips, sand worms, shrimp, and mussels/clams



Jack Wallace and son holding their trophy tautog…fishing is family fun!

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