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Environmental Conservation Police


Encon-patch-trans.tifAs we look forward to the beginning of another fishing season, the Environmental Conservation Police would like to remind everyone of the value and importance of practicing good ethics and being respectful of the environment while enjoying the outdoors. Recreating on the water, whether it is fishing or boating, is a privilege and we must protect it.

Please keep in mind that some of our public access areas are adjacent to private property. When utilizing these areas, please be considerate of the private landowners who, in some areas, may be allowing us a right of way through their property. I encourage each one of you to express your thanks to them if possible which helps our Agency continue such beneficial partnerships. Be respectful of all private property when recreating, whether it’s fishing from a boat or wading from the shoreline. Remember, do not cast into a designated swimming area. This not only creates conflicts with landowners but it is also illegal.

When out fishing and boating, sportsmen should set the example by never leaving anything behind. Whether it’s the packaging of a new lure, fishing line, bait containers or food wrappers, all trash should be taken away to ensure the area is left in its natural state. Wildlife can be injured by trash that is left behind or dumped into the water. By practicing ethical behavior you are not only showing that you care for the environment but are also setting an example for future generations. Getting out for a day on the water can be a pleasurable experience for everyone and it all starts with you doing your small part to keep it clean and safe. Remember, please wear your life jacket when boating! I also encourage you to be vigilant and report suspected poaching activity or illegal behavior to our toll free call hotline at 1-800 842-4357. Thank you and have an enjoyable and successful fishing season!

Thank you and good luck!

Colonel Kyle Overturf
Director-State Environmental Conservation Police
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation

Fishing Violations and Fines

  • „ Fishing without a license: $87.00
  • „ Violation of sport fishing regulations (includes closed season, bag and size limits, methods of take and specific area restrictions: $154.00 per count
  • „ Destruction of posted notice: $87.00
  • „ Failure to carry fishing license while fishing: $87.00
  • „ Violation of salmon fishing regulations: $87.00
  • „ Fishing while license or privilege suspended: $150.00
  • „ Illegal fishing for or taking of fish or bait in the Inland District: $154.00 per count
  • „ Unauthorized fishing in reservoir: $250.00
  • „ Unauthorized obstruction of streams or ponds: $250.00
  • „ Illegal fishing near fishways: $250.00
  • „ Operation of a motorboat on Bantam River: $50.00
  • „ Transporting vessel or trailer without properly inspecting for, removing and disposing of vegetation. $95.00

The list above is only a partial listing of violations and their fines. These and other fisheries violations will be accompanied by a suspension of your hunting, fishing and trapping license(s). Help protect our natural resources for future outdoor sports enthusiasts, obey the law and report suspected violations by calling 1-800-842-HELP.



Officer Keith Williams patrolling for illegal jet-ski activity.


Be a responsible angler

Protecting both the resource and your access to the resource requires more than simply knowing and following the fishing regulations!

Respect private property

  • „ Do not cast onto docks or into permitted swim areas (when in doubt, cast elsewhere).
  • „ Ask permission before fishing from shore, or wading on private property.

Don’t litter, don’t pollute

  • „ Keep your boat and motor properly maintained.
  • „ Retrieve all lures and gear.
  • „ Don’t release live bait.
  • „ Leave your fishing area cleaner than you found it!

Be a safe boater

  • „ Obey boating regulations, and check your safety gear frequently!

Be a good neighbor

  • „ Treat fellow anglers, other recreational users and property owners with courtesy.
  • „ Always be willing to share both the resource and your knowledge.

And always use common sense and be courteous!

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