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Environmental Conservation Police


With the arrival of a new fishing season, the Officers from the Environmental Conservation Police would like to remind all anglers of the importance of wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) while fishing from a boat. In recent years, many of the boating fatalities we investigate involve small open vessels such as canoes or row boats with one or two occupants. They are often fishing in small lakes or ponds where help is not immediately available. These accidents often occur during early spring or late fall when warm weather brings fishermen out to enjoy the sport but water temperatures are still very cold. If fishermen and boaters who ended up in the water from capsizing or falling overboard were wearing lifejackets, over 80 percent of drownings would be prevented. There are many options of personal flotation devices for anglers to wear that are comfortable and functional. It is also required that from October 1 through May 31 that a PFD be worn by anyone in a manually propelled vessel. No matter the season, wear a life jacket. It may just save your life. We encourage fishermen to help us in our mission to protect Connecticut’s natural resources by following the fishing regulations and by reporting suspected poaching activity by calling our toll free hotline at 1-800-842-4357.

Thank you and good luck!

Colonel Kyle Overturf
Director-Division of State Environmental Conservation Police
Bureau of Outdoor Recreations

Fishing Violations and Fines

  • Fishing without a license: $87.00
  • Violation of sport fishing regulations (includes closed season, bag and size limits, methods of take and specific area restrictions: $154.00 per count
  • Destruction of posted notice: $87.00
  • Failure to carry fishing license while fishing: $87.00
  • Violation of salmon fishing regulations: $87.00
  • Fishing while license or privilege suspended: $150.00
  • Illegal fishing for or taking of fish or bait in the Inland District: $154.00 per count
  • Unauthorized fishing in reservoir: $250.00
  • Unauthorized obstruction of streams or ponds: $250.00
  • Illegal fishing near fishways: $250.00
  • Operation of a motorboat on Bantam River: $50.00
  • Transporting vessel or trailer without properly inspecting for, removing and disposing of vegetation. $95.00

The list above is only a partial listing of violations and their fines. These and other fisheries violations will be accompanied by a suspension of your hunting, fishing and trapping license(s). Help protect our natural resources for future outdoor sports enthusiasts, obey the law and report suspected violations by calling 1-800-842-HELP.


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