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Arkansas Waterfowl Hunting

Species/Season Dates Notes
Duck, Coot, Merganser Nov 19 – Nov 27
Dec 8 – Dec 23
Dec 26 – Jan 29
Canada Goose
Sep 1 – Sep 30 Statewide
Canada Goose
Nov 16 – Dec 2
Dec 4 – Jan 29
Blue, Snow, Ross, White-fronted
Nov 16 – Dec 2
Dec 4 – Jan 29
Light Goose Conservation Order Oct 8 – Nov 15
Jan 30 – Feb 3
Feb 5 – Apr 25
Hunters may use unplugged shotguns & electric calls. No federal or state waterfowl stamp is required. Hunters must have a valid hunting license from any U.S. state
Teal Sep 10 – Sep 25
Youth Dec 3 & Feb 4 Open to hunters ages 15 and younger accompanied by a non-hunting mentor who is at least 18 years old if the youth has completed a hunter education course and 21 years old if they have not. Hunters may harvest ducks, geese, coots and mergansers.

Additional Information

Bag Limit Species/Season Daily Limit
Possession limit: 3 times daily bag limit
Duck 6 including no more than:

  • 4 mallards (max. 2 female)
  • 3 scaup
  • 3 wood ducks
  • 2 pintails
  • 2 redheads
  • 1 black duck
  • 2 canvasbacks
  • 1 mottled duck
Coot 15
Merganser 5, including no more than 2 hooded mergansers
Canada Goose
Canada Goose
Blue, Snow, Ross, White-fronted
White-fronted: 3
Snow, Blue, Ross’s: 20, no possession limit
Light Goose Conservation Order No bag or possession limit
Teal 6 (blue-winged, green-winged and cinnamon teal combined)
Youth Same as regular season for Goose, Duck, Coot and Merganser
Hunting Times Season Times
Duck, Coot, Merganser 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Canada Goose
1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Blue, Snow, Ross, White-fronted
1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Light Goose Conservation Order 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Teal Sunrise to sunset
Youth 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Arms & Ammo Category Regulations
Shotgun 10 gauge or smaller, plugged with a one-piece filler that cannot be removed without disassembling the gun so its capacity is limited to 3 shells
Shot type Steel
Tunsten-iron (Hevi-Steel)
Tungsten-iron-nickel-tin (TINT)
Tungsten-nickel-iron (Hevi-Shot)
Tungsten-bronze-iton (TBI)
Tungsten-tin-bismuth (TTB)
Shot size Non-toxic size T (0.2-inch diameter) and smaller
Archery Permitted