A Message from the Alaska DMV

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To all who now drive and those who will drive: a safe driver must constantly demonstrate a courteous attitude and exercise sound judgment. To qualify for an operator’s license you must acquire knowledge, develop skills, and possess the necessary physical and mental qualifications. As a beginning driver the privilege to drive represents a stepping stone in your life. It can be a pleasant experience and lead to economical wellbeing and enjoyment or it can be a fatal experience and result in pain and grief. Your future, as a driver, might very well be decided by how well you study and absorb the information contained in this manual and how conscientiously you practice the principles contained herein. You are invited to join the drivers who are already sharing Alaska’s streets and highways.


As an experienced driver: a review of this guide will enable you to improve your driving and your understanding of the increasingly complex traffic patterns and control measures.


An uninformed, unskilled driver is a traffic hazard. Won’t you join the thousands of Alaskans who exemplify that crash and violation free driving is the result of the application of safe driving principles and courtesy? Make driving a safe and enjoyable experience for yourself and other drivers who share the road with you.