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The 2014 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Guide is now available!
To view the new guide, please download the pdf. Check back in the coming days as we work to put up the new 2014 website.

Below is content from the 2013 guide.

Public Fishing Lakes

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State-owned public fishing lakes include all land and waters under the direct supervision of the Fisheries Section of the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Division. The lakes are as follows:

Public Fishing Lake


Lake Phone #

Closed Days

Barbour County Lake

Phillip Duke

(334) 775-1054

Thursdays; Feb. 1June 30
Wednesdays; July 1Nov. 30

Bibb County Lake


(205) 938-2124

Closed for renovation
will reopen in the fall of 2012

Chambers County Lake

Lou Howell

(334) 864-8145

Tuesdays; Feb. 1June 30
Tues. & Wed.; July 1Nov. 30

Clay County Lake

Gene Simmons

(256) 488-0038

Thursdays; Feb. 1June 30
Wednesdays; July 1Nov. 30

Coffee County Lake

City of Elba

(334) 897-6833

Mondays & Tuesdays;
Jan. 1
weekend after Thanksgiving

Crenshaw County Lake

Janice Coggins

(334) 335-2572

Tuesdays; Feb. 1June 30
Tues. & Wed.; July 1Nov. 30

Dale County Lake

Keith Stinson

(334) 774-0588

Wednesdays; Feb. 1Dec. 1

Dallas County Lake

Patricia Rudolph

(334) 874-8804

Mondays; Feb. 1June 20
Mon. & Tues.; July 1Nov. 30

DeKalb County Lake

Lee Biddle

(256) 657-1300

Wednesdays; Feb. 1Dec. 1

Escambia County Lake

John Sansom

(251) 809-0068

Mondays; Feb. 1June 30
Mon. & Tues.; July 1Nov. 30

Fayette County Lake

Joyce Harkins

(205) 932-6548

Mondays; Feb. 1June 30
Mon. & Tues.; June 1Nov. 30

Geneva County Lake

Rodney Peavey

(334) 684-0202

Thursdays; Feb. 1June 30
Wed. & Thurs.; July 1Nov. 30
Mon.,Tues., Wed., Thurs.; Dec. 1Jan. 31

Lamar County Lake

Buster Parker

(205) 695-8283

Tuesdays; Feb. 1June 28
Mon. & Tues.; June 29–Nov. 30

Lee County Lake

Dwight Lake

(334) 749-1275

Closed for renovation
plan to reopen in June 2013

Madison County Lake

Allen Smallwood

(256) 776-4905

Wednesdays; Feb. 5Nov. 23
Tues., Wed., Thurs.; Nov. 27Feb. 4

Marion County Lake

Mickey Goggans

(205) 921-7856

Wednesdays; Feb. 1June 30
Tues. & Wed.; July 1Nov. 30

Monroe County Lake

Brenda Craft

(251) 789-2104

Mondays; Feb. 1June 30
Mon. & Tues.; July 1Thanksgiving

Pike County Lake

No manager; anglers may fish free without permit. (334) 347-9467

Walker County Lake

Judy Ingram

(205) 221-1801

Wed. & Thurs.; July 1Nov. 30

Washington County Lake

James Tucker

(251) 846-2512

Mon. & Tues.; July 1Nov. 30

It is ILLEGAL to

  • Stock fish into public fishing lakes, including minnows used as legal bait
  • Sell fish caught from public fishing lakes
  • Use any minnow as bait except for goldfish, shiners or toughies (fatheads)
  • Operate gasoline outboard motors except where permitted
  • Camp (except where permitted), swim, wade or use sailboats
  • Launch any boat without a permit
  • Be unruly or disorderly
  • Solicit, sell or advertise
  • Remove shrubs, wildflowers, trees or plants
  • Deface or destroy state ­property
  • Exceed posted speed limits
  • Operate unlicensed vehicles such as ATVs
  • Hunt, trap, ­pursue, catch or sell any wild bird or wild animal,
    or possess any firearm or bow and arrow
  • Fish without a permit if age 12 or older


All anglers 12 years old and older must have a valid permit in possession to legally fish. No child younger than 12 years old can legally be left unaccompanied by an adult at a public fishing lake. All daily creel, possession and size limits are posted at each lake. Fishing time is limited to daylight hours or as specified by lake manager. No method other than hook and line with natural or artificial bait may be used at public fishing lakes. All anglers must exhibit their catch, fishing permit and fishing license to Conservation Officer or Lake Manager upon demand. All fish must be carried to the Lake Manager who must count and weigh them.

All state lakes are designated as wildlife sanctuaries. Following is a synopsis of ­regulations for state-owned public fishing lakes and is intended as a general guide. Please refer to the Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Regulation Book for complete regulations.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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