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The 2014 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Guide is now available!
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Below is content from the 2013 guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I lost my current hunting or fishing license. Can I get a replacement?
Yes, you can reprint a copy at our website:

I live in Alabama but I have an out-of-state driver’s license, can I purchase a resident license?
No, you should purchase a nonresident license. Residency is determined by the state your driver’s license is issued.

I own property in Alabama. Do I need a license to hunt on my property?
Residents of Alabama can hunt their property without having to purchase a hunting license (Harvest Record, HIP, duck stamps still required). This would apply to the landowner and their spouse, children, parents, and brothers and sisters, provided that they are residents. Landowners or their family that possesses an out-of-state driver’s license are considered nonresidents.

Who has to have a buck/turkey harvest record?
Every deer or turkey hunter must possess and have in their possession a buck/turkey harvest record. This includes those exempt from license (<16 years old and >65 years old) and resident landowner.

What license is required to hunt feral hogs?
A small game license is the only requirement unless hunting on a WMA; then nonresidents will need a WMA license in addition to the small game license.

I am a 65 year old resident of Alabama. What licenses do I need?
65 year old residents are exempt from State licenses: Hunting License, Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing License, WMA License, and State Duck Stamp. They must have proof of age and residency (valid driver’s license is best). Harvest Record required for deer or turkey hunting. Saltwater Anglers Registry required for saltwater fishing. A federal duck stamp is still required.

If a non-resident is over 65 do they need to purchase a license?
Yes, any non-resident 16 or over must purchase a non-resident hunting or fishing license.

If I have a lifetime license and move out-of-state, is that license still good?
Yes, it is valid for the lifetime of the individual.

Is 45–70 black powder rifle legal during muzzleloader season? During gun deer season?
The 45–70 is black powder but it does not load from the muzzle, therefore, it is not allowed during muzzleloader season. It is legal during gun deer season.

Can I use a deer decoy to hunt deer?

Can I use a scope on my muzzleloader?

What is the maximum magazine capacity for hunting resident game on private lands? On WMAs?
On private lands there is no restriction on magazine capacity. On Wildlife Management Areas it is 10 rounds. (If it’s in the chamber, it isn’t the magazine.)

Can I hunt coyotes or feral swine at night?
No. Coyotes and feral swine must be hunted during daylight hours only.

Can a person keep wildlife as a pet?
No, possession of wild birds, game animals, and many other wildlife is prohibited.

Can I use lighted pins on my bow? Lighted reticles on my scope?
Lighted pins and lighted reticles are legal as long as they do not cast a light forward of the weapon, or increase the ability to see at night (night vision).

If I wound a deer or other animal can I cross a property line to retrieve it?
No, you may not cross a property line to retrieve wounded or dead animals without the permission of the landowner. All land is considered posted for the purposes of hunting.

I lost my hunter education card. How do I get a replacement?
Go to the following website and follow the directions:

How do I find a hunter education class in my area?
A list of classes can be found at this website:

I used to be in the military, do I still need a hunter education class?
Yes — only those that are active duty military are exempt as well as Alabama residents who are active members of the Alabama National Guard.

I am grandfathered in for hunter education in Alabama, will I need it in other states?
Possibly. Every state has a different grandfather date. For example, the grandfather date in Colorado is 1949. Be sure to check the laws of the state you are going hunting in.

Can I use bream as bait?
Yes, as long as they are taken legally and the fisherman does not exceed the possession limit of 50 per person.

Can I keep undersized fish/illegal fish if they are obviously injured?
No, they must be immediately returned to the water.

Is the Alabama Rig legal to fish in Alabama?

What is the difference between hook and line and rod and reel?
A cane or fiberglass pole with hook and line is considered “ordinary hook and line”. A pole with reel or other mechanical device attached is considered a “rod and reel”.

Is using a cast net a legal method of catching bream?

Are trotlines legal?
Yes, with a valid fishing license. There are restrictions so check our website:

How can I post a community fishing event on your website?
Contact the Aquatic Education Supervisor, Mr. Doug Darr at (334) 242-3471 or

Can I clean my fish while I’m on the water?
It is unlawful to fillet a fish while fishing or to possess fillets of fish while on public waters, except when fish are being prepared for immediate cooking and consumption; provided, that the fish may be drawn or gutted with heads left attached.

Does the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division provide technical assistance to pond owners?
Yes. Contact the district office that serves your specific county for more information. There is no charge for this service. A PDF version of the book Sportfish Management in Alabama Ponds can be found at:

What is the size limit of a fish caught in a reservoir that is not listed in the digest?
If the species of fish you are looking for is not listed with a specific size or length limit for individual reservoirs, then you need only comply with the creel limit regulations provided for all public waters except as those otherwise listed.

What do I need to know about jug fishing?
Just as with using a rod and reel in public waters, a recreational fishing license is required. There is no limit in the number of jugs allowed. Alabama does not require labeling jugs with your name or license number, but this is a way to assure someone else’s jug is not fished. Jugs are not allowed in state owned public fishing lakes.

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