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Legal Arms & Ammunition For Hunting

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Hunting with fully automatic firearms is prohibited.


It shall be unlawful for any person to use any method, any weapon or ammunition contrary to this regulation while hunting or attempting to hunt game birds and animals or other species provided for herein unless expressly provided for by duly enacted laws of the State of Alabama. It shall be unlawful for any person to refuse to submit firearms and ammunition or any device, instrument or accessory used in hunting to Conservation Officers for inspection. It shall be unlawful for any person (except for legally blind hunters) to hunt with a bow or gun that has a light source attached that is capable of casting a beam of light (including a laser sight) forward of said bow or gun or to possess such a light source adapted for attachment to said bow or gun while hunting, except as provided for in 220-2-.02. It shall be unlawful to possess any equipment that uses electronics to increase the ability to see in the dark (night vision equipment) while hunting any species of wildlife, both protected or unprotected species.


  • Rifles using centerfire, mushrooming ammunition.
  • Air powered guns, .30 caliber or larger.
  • Shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller using buckshot, slugs, or single round ball.
  • Muzzleloaders and Black Powder Handguns: .40 caliber or larger, during the special muzzleloader season.
  • Long bows, compound bows, or crossbows.
  • Handguns or pistols using centerfire, mushrooming ammunition.


  • Shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller using standard No. 2 shot or smaller.
  • Long bows or compound bows (no crossbows).
  • Handguns or pistols using centerfire mushrooming ammunition, black powder handguns or pistols .40 caliber or larger. Handguns or pistols can only have open metallic sights (no scopes).
  • Nothing in this section is intended to prohibit the possession of rifles, shotgun/rifle combinations (drilling) or buckshot and slugs when the hunter is stalk hunting both deer and turkey provided no person shoots or attempts to shoot turkey with the rifle or shotgun using buckshot or slugs.


  • Shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller, plugged with a one piece filler incapable of removal without disassembling the gun or otherwise incapable of holding more than 3 shells using shot compositions and shot sizes that are approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Waterfowl hunters shall not possess any size lead shot.
  • Long bows, compound bows, or crossbows.


  • Nighttime hunting: Shotguns using No. 6 shot or smaller; rimfire firearms.
  • Daytime hunting: see Other Game Birds Or Animals.


  • Rifles of any caliber.
  • Handguns or pistols.
  • Shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller.
  • Long bows, compound bows, or crossbows.


  • Rifles using rimfire ammunition or those operated by air.
  • Muzzleloaders and black powder handguns of any caliber.
  • Long bows, compound bows, or crossbows.
  • Shotguns, 10 gauge or smaller, using standard No. 4 shot or smaller.
  • Handguns or pistols.
  • Blowguns using darts propelled by the hunter’s breath only.
  • Sling shots.


Deer and feral swine may be taken by hand thrown spear during the open Bow and Arrow season on these species. The hand thrown spear shall have a sharpened blade a minimum of two inches in width. The spear shall only be hand thrown.

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