Alabama Hunters Helping the Hungry

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The Hunters Helping the Hungry program provides a way for Alabama hunters to give ground venison to needy families and individuals.

Since the program’s beginning in 1999 hundreds of thousands of pounds of ground venison have been donated to Alabama Food Banks across the state.

Alabama’s abundant deer population, generous bag limits, and long hunting season combine to allow Alabama hunters to stock their freezers and share their game with the needy.

Donated deer meat is processed into ground venison, packaged and frozen, ready to be distributed to the food bank. There is no charge to the hunter for processing the deer. Many processors throughout the state are participating in the program and more are being added to the list each season. Ask your local deer processor if they are participating in the program.

Donating food to the needy is just one of the many ways hunters help this state. We encourage all Alabama deer hunters to participate. Hunters who know of local processors not participating in the Hunters Helping the Hungry program are asked to encourage their processors to become involved.

It’s not too late to be included in the program. Call (334) 242-3467 for more information or to sign on as a participating processor.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help fund this program may send a check or money order to the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation, P.O. Box 140, Montgomery, AL 36101-0140. Hunters Helping the Hungry should be noted on the check.