2017 Major Changes

Hunting Regulations Icon Alabama Hunting & Fishing


  • Select Wildlife Management Areas will allow a Bonus Buck to be harvested.
  • Renewing your Recreational Hunting and Fishing Licenses has been simplified .
  • Feral Swine nighttime dogs only season no guns.
  • Turkey Season delayed on 6 Wildlife Management Areas (see the WMA Hunting Information and Schedule).
  • Turkey Season boundaries for part of Geneva County were modified to allow limited hunting opportunities.
  • Reduced Pintail harvest.
  • Certain Nonresident Students aged 17-23 could be eligible for resident hunting and fishing licenses. See www.outdooralabama.com.


  • HUNT OVER BAIT: Despite false information and rumors, no changes have been made to the state’s baiting law (9-11-244). The practice of hunting game animals by the aid of bait remains illegal in this state and violations of this law will continue to be enforced.
  • FAIL TO REPORT HARVEST: Many warnings were issued by the state’s Conservation Enforcement Officers during the last hunting seasons for violations of the Game Check Regulation. This season any violation of this regulation will result in the issuance of citations which have monetary fines attached to them.
  • Import prohibited deer parts: Hunters cannot bring a deer carcass into Alabama taken from a CWD positive State, Territory, or Foreign Country unless it has been properly deboned and is free from any spinal cord or brain tissue.